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Thanks to Paul Barden for making this for ring members to use.(Of course if you still like mine you can use it instead)

What is the Antique Rose ring all about?

The Antique rose ring is a ring of sites that are devoted to those who grow old roses and english roses. By visiting one site you can visit all of the others in order, by skipping around or by listing all of the sites in the ring.

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For more information on WebRings or to find WebRings devoted to many other amazing topics, visit the WebRing home page If you want to place your site on the Antique Rose ring, read ALL of the instructions before beginning, and follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1:

Make sure that your site is eligible for membership in the Antique Rose ring by checking that it meets the following criteria:

Step 2:

Site Submission Form for Antique Rose ring
Site Title (REQUIRED):
What you'd like us to call you (your name):
E-mail (REQUIRED):
Password (REQUIRED): Please choose a password. (Don't forget it!!)
Keywords: Enter up to 20 keywords to describe your site:
Description (REQUIRED): Enter a short description of your site.

The code for the ring will be e-mailed to you after you submit your site to the queue. Simply copy and paste it from your e-mail message.NOTE:If you are using frames you will need to modify your code. Please add the attribute TAR GET="_top" to the anchor and area tags.If for some reason you do not receive the code through e-mail you can view the source file of this page and find where it says:

highlight and paste everything in to your page from there until is says
Make sure you replace your information with areas where YOUR_ID_HERE, YOUR_NAME, and YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS are found. Which ever method you end up using, don't forget to downl oad the graphic at Antique Rose ring graphic Place the graphic in the same location as the html coding for your page, or you will have to modify the code to point to the correct location.

Begin html fragment

This Antique Rose ring site is owned by

{ Ring Info}{ Next}{ Skip Next Previous}{ Random}{ Skip Previous}{ Next 5}{List Sites}
The Antique Rose ring is managed by Sarah Kinder
This WebRing made possible by

End html fragment

Step 4

Once you have received your email confirming that you've been added to the Ring queue, and you've placed the Antique Rose ring html fragment on your page, send me email, and request to be added to the Ring.

Step 5:

Tell everybody you can about the Antique Rose ring! This ring is in it's infancy so we need to find all of the old and english rose fans out there.

Step 6:

If after reading all these instructions, you're not quite ready to join us, bookmark this page and please take the opportunity to visit a random site on the Antique Rose ring. Travel the Rose ring, and if you decide later that you wish to join us, you will be more than welcome!

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