I LOVE Rubisco!!!

Let's Face it as a Plant scientist and a biologist I can't help but love Rubisco. What is Rubisco you may ask? Only the most common protein on the face of the planet. It rules, it rocks but mostly it catalyses reactions. It's right there in the first step of the infamous Calvin Cycle. So without furthur introduction I give you:

The Top Ten Reasons to Love Rubisco!

10)It's Name sounds really cool. Say it R-U-B-I-S-C-O

9)Well, Duh it is the most plentiful protein in the world.

8)Space filling models look kind of like Hortas- (Star Trek (We're almost as geeky as engineers))

7)If Plants Love it why shouldn't you?

6)It can be an oxegenase or a carboxylase- Ask a Biochemist

5)Rubisco won't dump you for another scientist

4)Rubisco is better than cold beer-- Only if you're a plant.

3)It doesn't leave you with that bloated feeling.

2)Every time you see someone cooking vegetables, you could say "Oh My God you killed Rubisco!" (You bastards!)

1)Because it's much easier than saying Ribulose 1,5 Bis Phosphate Carboxylase.